Save The Earth

Organized by Kent Place which includes Kareena and Reya Rajasekaran Bakhru.

Before you start hanging posters up please be aware of the wind because as much as you want to help, you might be causing more trouble.

Our Kent Place comutity has been working on this as an important and kind thing to do

Our first reason is that we have been seeing tons of litter around.

When there is litter around it can make living environments hard for animals.

Litter also can make its way to the oceans and harm animals there as well.

Littering is bad so we strongly suggest you stop.

Our second reason is the Earth is suffering which means people will start to suffer.

Nobody will live as long as they would have if we don’t help out.

Animals will suffer, too, because they might think litter is something for them to eat or play with.

They may choke or get hurt, which would not be good.

If you do find litter, with the permision of a adult pick it up.

We are kind like everyone else in the Kent Place Community.

Helping the Earth is a very kind thing to do.

If we can start sharing our ideas then maybe more people will help out.

And then our Earth can stay the beautiful home that it is for us and all the animals.

Ocean Polluting: Please be careful with the items you take. Try to use reusable things . We don’t want to waste things. Do not put sunscreen in the ocean- it is a toxin for coral.

Animals: When you are camping, do not leave things you brought so deer or whatever lives there doesn’t get stuck.

Help the earth and animals: stop bringing glass and plastic bags to the ocean because turtles are getting hurt. Trees:Trees give us most of our oxygen so DO NOT cut them down if you don't NEED to.

Thank you for helping clean our world and participating to care of us and the animals!